Thursday, June 28, 2007

UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company Launches SecurePack for Small Businesses

Many small business owners want to offer life and disability insurance as part of a comprehensive benefits plan, but believe they cannot afford it. UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company's SecurePack, specifically designed for small businesses, offers life insurance, disability insurance and employee assistance program (EAP) in an affordable and convenient benefit package.

SecurePack is available to small businesses with 2-99 employees. Five packages are available. Each includes a different level of:

- Group Term Life Insurance, delivering a timely benefit payment for the family if an employee passes away. - Accidental Death and Dismemberment, paying an additional benefit if an employee dies or faces a covered loss - like the loss of a limb - in an accident. - Dependent Life Insurance, paying a benefit to the employee if a spouse or child passes away. - Disability Insurance, providing temporary income to employees if they cannot work because of an illness or injury. This protection includes pregnancy.

"SecurePack offers solutions that can help small employers attract and retain great employees. There are no medical questionnaires and no mid-year rate changes," said Nicholas L. Brecker, president of UniCare's Life and Disability business. "SecurePack makes it easier for small businesses to provide these valued benefits to their employees."

Many small businesses owners also recognize that EAP can be helpful to their employees. SecurePack includes the InTouch, an EAP that offers:

- Ongoing support including toll-free, 24/7 telephone counseling, and referrals to financial and legal resources. - Convenient resources including access to child care and elder care databases, as well as additional Web site resources including on-line will preparation. - Face-to-face counseling including three sessions per year for employees with a disability and six sessions per year for beneficiaries dealing with the loss of a loved one - at no cost to them. - Human resources support is also available to help small groups through difficult situations, like alcoholism in the workplace. Employees don't have to fill out medical questionnaires as long as they sign up during the enrollment period.
"We are committed to providing small businesses with affordable, integrated and comprehensive benefits," said Jimmy Lee, vice-president for individual and small group business at UniCare. "When combined with medical insurance, SecurePack is one way small business owners can help deliver greater financial and health security for their employees."

Life and disability products are underwritten by UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company. For more information on UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company's SecurePack visit

UniCare benefits products are offered in Illinois and Indiana by UniCare Health Insurance Company of the Midwest, in Texas by UniCare Health Insurance Company of Texas and in all 50 states and the District of Columbia by UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company. UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company, an Indiana corporation, UniCare Health Insurance Company of Texas, a Texas corporation, and UniCare Health Insurance Company of the Midwest, an Illinois corporation, are separately formed and capitalized subsidiaries of WellPoint, Inc., an Indiana corporation. For self-funded plans UniCare acts as a claim processor and does not insure benefits under the plan.

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