Sunday, June 17, 2007

Patient Advocate Day

Gov. Phil Bredesen has declared Tuesday Patient Advocate Day in an effort to promote accessible health care for all Tennesseans. Patients, caregivers and other members of the health care community are asked to express their support by wearing a blue or a gold ribbon.
This effort is sponsored by the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF), a Washington-based organization that works to bring patients' viewpoints to the forefront of health policy discussions. The organization also helps patients from all socio-economic backgrounds obtain appropriate care when diagnosed with an illness.
NPAF and its nationwide network of volunteers address such issues as access to clinical trials and cancer screenings, patient concerns related to Health Information Technology and expansion of state Medicaid programs to cover those who are uninsured when diagnosed with cancer.
NPAF also collects objective data on patient access that is not sourced from government or insurance companies. When formulating policy positions and priorities, NPAF goes by aggregate data collected through case management activities of its sister group, the Patient Advocate Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that provides free assistance and mediation for access to health care, job retention and relief from medical debt crises.

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