Tuesday, May 22, 2007

N. Texas Man Calls For Medical Help, Gets Tasered

CBS 11 News) WAXAHACHIE A Waxahachie man says a call for help turned out be his worst nightmare.

According to Allen Nelms a 911 call for paramedics ended with him being tasered by police. Nelms says excessive force was used for no reason.

Nelms called 911 to get medical attention for a diabetic seizure, but says at least three Waxahachie police officers kicked in his front door and asked him to get on the floor.

"He said I launched at him, but I turned this way. I didn't go at him, otherwise I would have got hit in the face with the tasers," Nelms said.

Nelms says he still has no answer as to why police broke down his door with their guns drawn before shooting him multiple times with a taser as he lay in bed.

Nelms attorney, Rodney Ramsey, says the story just doesn't add up. "Police officers don't normally respond to a 911 call, talk to the homeowner outside in the driveway, and then kick the door in and rush in, unless there's some sort of criminal action."

Chuck Edge, the new Waxahachie police chief, agrees with Ramsey and says police usually don't show up to medical calls.

After Nelms filed a written complaint he says he received a one-paragraph statement from police that indicated the department had concluded an investigation into his allegation of excessive force. He says the investigation took less than five days and the department found that officers operated within policy guidelines.

Nelms plans to file a lawsuit against the City of Waxahachie, the police officer's involved n the incident, and the police department.

Nelms attorney says he believes the incident probably wouldn’t have occurred had the 911 call come from a different location. "The residents of the east side of Waxahachie do not get treated the same as the residents of the other parts of the town. That's a fact," Ramsey said.
source : www.cbs11tv.com

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